Central Alabama Paranormal Investigations

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Evidence Photos

There will be more evidence to come as we can go through and pick which ones that are allowed to put on site. Please keep a watch out. Thank you From CAPI..

Corey Rushing- Co Founder of CAPI (Central Alabama Paranormal Investigations) check
and get ghost hunting equipment ready to assist customers to investigate the Slave Quarter House for the Old Cawhaba Haunted Tour October 17th, 2014

October 15th, 2014 will be the next tour for all the costumer of the Haunted Tour and investigate the Slave Quarters with assistants of CAPI.
This is Johnny Rushing and Corey Rushing Founder and Co- Founder of CAPI (Central Alabama Paranormal Investigations.) They are getting all the ghost hunting equipment set and ready for the Old Cawhaba Tour. October 17, 2014. CAPI will assist customers to investigate the Slave Quarters House.

October 25, 2014 will be the next Haunted Tour with assistant by CAPI to help customers with Investigating the Slave Quarter House.

CAPI investigated a house in Summerville Rd in Selma, Al on 11/24/2012 . The residence' s dog is having trouble passing through certain door openings leading into the hall and bedroom where his bed is. He would bow his head down and final would walk as close to the wall as he could get to cross. After an extensive investigation of the residence, we did not get any evidence of activity. But what we did find was in the area where the dog was have trouble, there was a very high EMF field from exposed wires in the basement just at the dog's level. So we was very happy to find out the cause and let the owners know what can be done to help solve their problem. High EMF field can cause nausea,vomiting, delusions, paranoria, ect... So this was a good investigation and a great teaching moment. Thank you to the owners for the chance to investigate.

Central Alabama Paranormal Investigations investigated the Tally Ho in Selma, Alabama on 12/02/2012. We had a very good investigation. We did not get evidence to prove that Betty still hangs at the Tally Ho, but we did get a few dings of the crystal glass on the table or liquor bottles on EVP. We did see some shadow fiqure play but was unable to get it on video or camera so we can not say  that it was paranormal. All in all, the Tally Ho was a very interesting investigation. If in Selma, Alabama go by and dine and see if you have an encounter with Betty Jean Ross. Special Thank you to owner Robert Kelley for allowing us to investigate the Tally Ho, We had a blast Bob!
This is the head stone of Betty Jean Ross whom is considered the spirit that haunts the Tally Ho. She died during a car wreck coming from Montgomery, Alabama leaving a small son behind.
 CAPI Investigated Kendra Jones resident's in Selma, Al. It was a very good investigation. We really though since during the investigations it was nothing going on that it would be clear, but upon listening to EVP's we did get a male and female voices. We  would like to thank Kendra Jones for allowing CAPI the honor of investigating her home!
Weaver House, “The Castle”, at Selma, AL (built ca. 1868
This house, Gothic in design, is said to be a copy of a castle on the Rhine. William Weaver, a prominent landowner and son of one of Selma’s founders, built it in 1868. Located in what was once known as Weaver’s Grove, the home’s sand bricks were made on-site in a kiln built just for that purpose.  The interior woodwork and parquet flooring are from pine, walnut and oak trees cut from the grove. The house remained in the Weaver family until 1934.

CAPI has had the great honor to investigate Weaver Castle. The dwelling is a beautiful home, but you are not alone here. CAPI will show evidence when finish reviewing. The home is wongerful historical land mark. CAPI would like to say thank you so for the honor to be chosen to investigate the outstanding home. It never left us bored that is for sure. Please be patient for the evidence to be downloaded to the site.